Money, Motivation & More with Robert Gignac – Podcast Episode 19 “Life 2.0 & Scams”

Much of my last two months has been spent helping my father adjust to Life 2.0 – coming to grips with life after losing your spouse of 56 years. It’s not the household stuff like groceries, cooking, cleaning, etc. It’s the financial side – banking, paying bills, mail and phone calls – all of which were Mom’s domain. In addition to these issues, I’m trying to make Dad aware of all of the scam issues that seniors need to be concerned with. For those of you who are helping parents (or grandparents…) with Life 2.0 & Scams, I hope that this episode gives you some suggestions for how to help them with transition and scams they need to be aware of. It also contains a brief conversation I had with Rob Carrick of the Globe & Mail about this same topic. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, “thank you” for listening (questions and podcast ideas always welcome!)

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