Money, Motivation & More with Robert Gignac – Podcast Episode 18 “How Bad Do You Want It?”

As someone who spends a great deal of time speaking to Canadians about the concepts of personal finance and how to create a successful financial future, I’m often asked what is “the big secret” for personal financial success. They are often disappointed when I tell them there is no big secret, no magic pill, and no quick fix that will bring them financial success. What I ask them next is: “How bad do you want it?” I find it interesting that every time someone tells me they want to be financially successful, they can never define it in the terms of “How bad do you want it?” If you want something bad enough, you had better have goals that you are chasing in order to reach the destination. If you cannot define where you are heading, how will you have any idea that you have arrived? More importantly, how will you have any idea that you are even headed in the right direction?. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, “thank you” for listening (questions and podcast ideas always welcome!)


  1. Rick says:

    Great tips as always Bob, thanks for sharing your personal experiences as well to make it real!

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