Money Conversations with Our Partners
November 12, 2021
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Money Conversations with Our Parents

In “Money Conversations with Our Parents” I am sharing part of a longer conversation I recently had with George Torok. George hosts an excellent podcast called “Your Intended Message” focusing on communication skills and delivering clear messages. You can check out George’s podcast here: Your Intended Message with George Torok

The conversation that George and I shared focused on conversations about money and personal finance relating to three distinct audiences: our kids, our partners and our aging parents.

This episode focuses on the basic money conversations we have with our parents and our ability to keep them safe from the multitude of scams that target seniors. These conversations can affect our relationships with our parents and if not dealt with effectively – can leave them vulnerable to be taken advantage of. After all, our parents looked out for us when we were vulnerable and now we have the chance to repay them and help keep them safe as they age.

So with that said…. Happy listening!

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