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March 4, 2021
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October 14, 2021
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Can You Hear Me Now?

In “Can You Hear Me Now?” I’m sharing thoughts on listening and how doing more of it can lead to better results.

If I mentioned the name Paul Marcarelli – would you have any idea who I am talking about? What if I said “Can you hear me now? Good.” You would likely say “Hey, it’s the Verizon guy…”. A ubiquitous tag line that we still remember from 20 years ago (yes, it was that long ago…). Paul Marcarelli was the Verizon Guy for 10 years, doing over 250 different versions of that ad and my guess is right now you are thinking “so what?”

As we are well into our second pandemic year, one of the keys to our business survival is our ability to sell our products and ourselves. Since we are always looking for ways to increase our sales, let me offer one that is virtually foolproof: start listening to your clients. Based on feedback from financial industry clients I have spoken with recently; it sounds like listening is a rarity. A significant competitive edge can be yours if you make a habit of listening more.

So with that said…. Happy listening!

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