Money, Motivation & More with Robert Gignac – Podcast Episode 14 “Hitting The Books”

With Labour Day (or Labor Day for my American friends/listeners… *smile*) how behind us, it’s time to “Hit The Books” and get back into our post-summer routines. A recent e-mail from a listener prompted this edition – the e-mail said “Enjoying the podcast, you talk about the being the author of the international best-seller “Rich is a State of Mind” – but you’ve never told us what the book is about”. Point taken. In this episode I answer the listener’s question, including a live clip from a recent event with a group of financial professionals as well as my favourite review of the book.  I hope you enjoy it – feel free to share with your clients (and your peers!). Thank you for listening (questions and podcast ideas always welcome!)

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  1. Stephen Hall says:

    I love these podcasts, they are quick reminders and pleasant stories about our work, goals, clients etc…

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