A highly sought-after speaker, Robert combines knowledge, passion and visuals to encourage people to take control of their personal finances to have a ‘Richly Imagined Future.’

Robert’s presentations aren’t just about money. By taking the intimidation and dryness out of financial planning, he illustrates the importance of perspective and horizons and challenges audiences to courageously paint their picture of what RICH really means.

Audiences across North America continually give Robert rave reviews for his unique way of connecting his message for long-lasting effect. His presentations share laughs, honest reflections and clearly address the misunderstandings and ignorance around financial planning.

Robert delivers dynamic keynote speeches and interactive workshop programs to International organizations, financial industry conferences and private clients. His inspiring insights have been repeatedly requested by companies such as London Life, Freedom 55, Investors Group, Mutual of Omaha, Desjardins Financial, Sun Life Financial, as well as, the professional membership arm of the Canadian financial services industry Advocis where he speaks regularly at chapter events and advisor schools

Robert has also presented at events for Million Dollar Roundtable, NAIFA and FPA. Robert reminds advisors that understanding and envisioning the client’s emotional state before, during and after the sale is the approach necessary to serve them. To clients, Robert reframes the money mindset at a fundamental level and positions concepts as a guide to transform the illusions surrounding wealth.

Robert’s work has been featured in many publications including the Globe & Mail, Money Magazine and The Private Investor. Robert is a regular media guest, hosts the "Money, Motivation & More" podcast and the new show "WE Talk Money" for WE-TV. He is author of the Canadian bestseller Rich is a State of Mind and a U.S. edition by the same title. Written from Robert’s experience as a client and student of the financial planning process, the novel humanizes personal and financial development as experienced by a slightly dysfunctional family.

I would like to thank you for the terrific keynote address “Your Richly Imagined Future” which tied in wonderfully with our theme.

Our evaluation sheets came back with comments like “Great Presentation”, “Very Motivating”, “Inspiring” and “Valuable Insight Provided”.

With such a positive response, you can be sure that we will be bringing you back for future sessions.

Robert Gignac provides a presentation that explodes with candor and honest humanity.

His approach to the audience solidifies the philosophy that financial planning is all about the realization of our clients’ hopes and dreams.

I highly recommend Robert to anyone who is planning a client event.

Several of our members saw you speak at the Advocis Banff School, so you came highly recommended, and you certainly delivered for us.

The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive, not just on the evaluation forms, but in conversations I have had with Advocis members weeks after the event.

Robert is a great speaker who shares honestly and with humour what our clients are thinking vs. our perspective on what we want them to think.

I’ve hosted over 200 presenters over the past 14 years and I can honestly say no one combines storytelling, powerful graphics, body language and props the way you do. You keep your audience in the palm of your hand and are one of the very few who get it, who really understand that a powerful image speaks 10,000 words. As a successful presentation coach I know this stuff from the inside out, and you get it. I’ve seen you present about a dozen times and I still genuinely delight in your stories, your precise delivery of punch lines, your sincerity and humility. You don’t talk at your audience; you converse with them and become one of them. Your messages sink in and go home with them. Keep up the great work, Robert. People need to hear what you have to share.

Robert immediately captures the attention of the audience with his dynamic style; he connects with them and is very clear in his delivery.

His topic is always appropriately linked to the needs of his listeners and the participation level that results is consistently excellent.

Feedback from our clients is enthusiastic and we would not hesitate to recommend Robert to those who are looking for a quality speaker.

Our team enjoyed your humorous approach to explaining the “client perspective”, and it is a message that they will take to the field as they work with financial Planners in the future.

Maintaining a focus on your phrase “it’s all about the client” is certainly something that endorse at Mackenzie.

Your material was well tailored to meet the needs of our financial planning team, and we enjoyed your humorous approach to explaining the “client perspective”, as well as the more serious message “the choices you make determine the life you lead”.

Your closing story on the theme “Was it all worth it?” drove home the point that it really is about our client’s goals. You are a “natural” in front of a large group, giving the presentation a personalized feel.

Excellent presenter with a unique perspective and useful takeaways that I will implement in order to create better client relationships.

In the past 10+ years I have had the pleasure of sharing the speaking platform with Robert Gignac across Canada and witnessed first-hand his ability to educate, motivate and inspire audiences through his great message. His dynamic presentations help advisors & clients understand the true meaning of "Rich is a State of Mind" and how to implement it in their lives successfully. I'd highly recommend Robert to speak at your event in a heartbeat.