Island Savings Webinar Event – Lead or be Left Behind (A Covid Tale)

november, 2020

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Robert Gignac Lead or be Left Behind

Robert Gignac will be speaking at a Island Savings Webinar Event on November 25th, 2020. His topic will be “Lead or be Left Behind – A Covid Tale” a look at the “client side” of the Advisor/Client relationship, based on his book “Rich is a State of Mind”.

Presentation Synopsis – “Lead or Be Left Behind – A Covid-19 Tale”  

In today’s hyper-competitive financial market your existing clients and prospective clients have no shortage of financial professionals and financial services organizations trying to lure them away from you. Will you “Lead” or be “Left Behind”? In the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis – your clients are looking for financial leadership Your clients are looking for financial leadership – solid advice and guidance in making the tough financial decisions they have to make for themselves, their families and in many cases, their businesses.

If COVID-19 was not enough on its own – toss Brexit (it’s still happening…), President Trump (and a 2020 election year…) and a millennial cohort who think financial advisors are “so last decade” into the mix. Finally, how do you deal with the impending estimated 700 Billion to 1.2 Trillion-dollar transfer of assets from one generation to the next – knowing that over 75% of those who inherit, “fire” the advisors who grew the assets.

Robert’s engaging presentation will offer concrete examples of what clients (and prospects…) are struggling with today and how Advocis members can take a leadership role as their financial services/product provider. Robert has over 20 years experience as a client of the Canadian financial services industry and via his Canadian bestseller “Rich is a State of Mind” he has spoken with clients just like yours from coast to coast. Their concerns might surprise you.  They might scare you. They will certainly enlighten you.

The four key takeaways will be:

  • Understanding your client’s “Current Reality” – What keeps us (your clients) awake at night? What stops us from committing the client/advisor relationship? How has Covid-19 affected our reality? How will demographics, global economics, politics and future regulatory issues affect yours?
  • Developing a client’s picture of their “Richly Imagined Future” – Your ability to help clients “picture” their future and discuss their goals will be the key to bringing the right mix of products and services to the table. Includes a discussion of SMART goals and the need for SMARTER goals.
  • Developing an aptitude for “Disruption” – Some of your clients will not obtain the future they want – even with your help – unless certain financial behaviours change. At a professional level – your reluctance to embrace social media and virtual technology will hamper your growth as financial professionals as well.
  • Helping clients understand the power of “Choice” – Teaching us that “The choices you make determine the life you lead” and helping clients cut through the “clutter” of financial industry options may be one of the most important things you do for us. At the same time, understanding that “Was it all Worth It?” will be the most important question that your client ever asks – not of you – but of themselves.

Hey Island Savings Webinar attendees – Get ready to inspire and educate your clients – and perhaps most importantly – lead them – because if you aren’t willing to accept the leadership role, when you look behind you – there may not be any clients following.


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